My Top Five Favorite Anime Openings

Hey everyone! Man it’s been a while. Glad I can come back and give you all a piece of my mind. On today’s post I’m gonna share with you all my top five favorite Anime openings! Now I’m gonna be honest here. Usually when I start a new series I only watch the opening andContinue reading “My Top Five Favorite Anime Openings”

Is One Piece Worth The Journey?: My Thoughts

Hey hey hey! Welcome! Today I’m gonna be doing something a bit different. Instead of reviewing, I decided I wanted to give a little opinion on wether or not this highly known gem is worth the watch for new Anime watchers/Manga readers and for those who are not so new into Anime/Manga but have neverContinue reading “Is One Piece Worth The Journey?: My Thoughts”

Record of Ragnarok: Manga Review

Hey readers! How’s it going? Today I’m gonna be talking about an amazing Manga that is so well drawn, action packed and pretty hopeful if you really love humanity. Record of Ragnarok is an interesting Manga that will make you see humanity and Gods in a whole different perspective. Without further ado, let’s get intoContinue reading “Record of Ragnarok: Manga Review”

Disturbing Manga: Ichi The Killer

Hey reader! Welcome to my review series! I know, I went from talking about a lighthearted and wholesome Anime, to now talking about a disturbing and gut wrenching Manga. Honestly, I just had to get this one off my mind because this is one of the most disturbing Manga I’ve ever read. It disturbed meContinue reading “Disturbing Manga: Ichi The Killer”

Ore Monogatari: A Review

Hey everyone! Welcome to my very first review! I’m so happy you all decided to read this, I really appreciate it. Today I’m gonna talk about a really interesting and heartwarming Anime and Manga series called Ore Monogatari, AKA, My Love Story. Now, I must let you know that I only watched the Anime soContinue reading “Ore Monogatari: A Review”