Loved Games: Shin Megami Tensei

Hey everyone! How’s it going? Hope everyone is doing fine and everyone is safe. Today I’m gonna be talking about a video game series that I really… really love! Now I understand that the main Shin Megami Tensei series is not Anime or Manga related, but I felt like expressing my love for a series I grew up with for a long time. This is gonna be the one exception post! Promise! Now I’m gonna be talking about the main series, not the spin off series you all may know more of, Persona. No hate towards the Persona series! I love Persona as well, but I’m more close to the Shin Megami Tensei series. Now let’s get to it!

What’s It About?

It’s gonna be difficult to explain what every single game is about, but just to give a general explanation on what each game covers: You’re in a post apocalyptic world filled with demons. Maybe you were sent to a location filled with demons in order to save the entire planet, maybe you’re a Samurai tasked with defeating demons to keep your homeland safe, or maybe you were just a kid sent out to get groceries for your mother, not knowing of the dangers that await you outside. Along the way you meet people who may end up going against you, or joining you in creating a new world that is chaotic, lawful or just the way it is, but slightly better. That’s the best way to describe the general plot of the story. You can also recruit demons into your group, level them up, or fuse them together to create a new demon! Shin Megami Tensei is a very diverse game where your choices DO matter in what path you take. The games are very punishing so you absolutely need to think smart with your attacks and defenses in every fight and in every conversation with a demon when recruiting them.

Why Do I Love It So Much?

Without fangirling so much over this series (haha) I love this series a lot because as I’ve stated before, I grew up with this series. Growing up I always loved the supernatural and dark topics. Before I was introduced to Shin Megami Tensei I really loved the Devil May Cry series. However, I wanted a more RPG styled game because I was also a huge RPG nerd (I still am!). Without revealing my age, I was a teenager when I saw an announcement for Shin Megami Tensei IV on the Nintendo 3DS. I was intrigued and very excited when I saw my dreams come true! From then on I looked up what exactly this series was and what it’s about and I fell in love with the series. I loved seeing how the demons looked and how they acted towards humans. I loved to see how they used their powers. I also did like how depending on if you were a lawful, chaotic or neutral person, a demon could be or couldn’t be able to join your group in the first Shin Megami Tensei game. I really love how the games forces you to be smart with your interactions when trying to recruit a demon. For example, say you encounter and talk with a demon. They ask you for Macca, which is basically money, and you give it to them thinking that it was that simple to get them to join your group! Nope! Now you’re in a fight with them because they didn’t want your money, they wanted your life! There is a lot to like in this series. From the many different characters you meet, their motivations, the environments, the lore, the art style, EVERYTHING! I also love how each game wouldn’t even warn you about how the actions and choices you make ultimately decides how you will change the world in the end. It’s something one would never see coming (No pun intended).

Wow! Looking Co- I Mean… Thanks For Reading!

Shin Megami Tensei is a really interesting series to get into. I would highly recommend this series if you love a challenging and diverse RPG game with a lot of lore and story in it. If you love to use your brain a lot, this series is for you. I will warn you, this game series is very punishing, so expect the unexpected A LOT! Thank you so much for reading this and I hope I was able to sway some of you into playing this series! See you next Saturday! Stay well you all! See you Space reader~

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