My Top Five Favorite Anime Openings

Hey everyone! Man it’s been a while. Glad I can come back and give you all a piece of my mind. On today’s post I’m gonna share with you all my top five favorite Anime openings! Now I’m gonna be honest here. Usually when I start a new series I only watch the opening and ending once and then skip them in the next episodes. However, for these openings, I always anticipated on seeing it again, even to the point where I put the songs in my Anime music playlist! These openings to me are memories that will always remain in my heart. So, without further ado, let’s get to the openings!

Number Five: We Are!

Ah! The first opening for One Piece! What else can I really say about it other than the fact that it introduces the plot and characters in such an interesting way. Hearing the story of how the pirate age came to be while the music builds up made me feel very excited when I first started the Anime. To this day, I can recite the whole song and still feel that same excitement I felt. I think this opening was a great way to introduce the general story and the many adventures One Piece was gonna offer to anyone watching.

Number Four: Motteke! Sailor Fuku!

This one takes me back! I remember when I was a pre-teen and I was scrolling through YouTube as usual after school. I wasn’t as invested in Anime at the time and the most I would hear about Anime was through my friends constantly talking about Naruto. The universe probably decided that it was my time to get fully invested in Anime because I somehow came across this Anime opening. I remember watching Lucky Star’s opening and just looking so confused and happy at the same time. I loved how amazing the visuals looked, how the characters were moving with the music and just how upbeat everything was! Although I don’t remember much about Lucky Star because it’s been so long since I’ve seen it, this opening and the fact that it started to make me want to watch more Anime is what makes it on to my list of my five favorite Anime openings!

Number Three: Battlecry

I probably have every song from Samurai Champloo! I love every single thing about this opening and the Anime in general. From the visuals, the action and the beats, everything about this opening is just amazing. I remember one time I loved the opening so much I just had to replay it multiple times before I finally decided to finish the episode. I would absolutely recommend you to watch Samurai Champloo or just listen to the music if you love hip hop beats and Anime mixed together.

Number Two: After Dark

Watch or read Bleach. That’s all I gotta say. The seventh opening of Bleach is my all time favorite openings out of all the openings in Bleach. My favorite scene in the opening was the Arrancar all sitting down and just giving off a dangerous vibe. I remember when I used to stay up late at night and watched Bleach just because of this opening alone. Yeah I had no idea what was going on because I got introduced to Bleach in the middle of everything going down, but this opening sure did make me interested in watching and eventually reading this amazing Anime and Manga.

Number One: Sono Chi No Sadame

Drum roll please…. This opening right here…. This opening right here will immediately get you hooked on to JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure. I promise you that. I absolutely love how they showed pieces of the Manga in the beginning and I love how you can tell the singer was giving it their all, especially at the end of the song. Every time I watched this opening I swear it felt like I had a rush of excitement and I was prepared for whatever bizarreness an episode was about to show me. The ending is just as good too! This was the opening that has completely made me obsessed with JoJo and realize that everything is a Jojo reference!

And that’s all for today! Hopefully you enjoyed this post and again, it’s great to be back again. I’m interested in knowing what your favorite Anime opening is. Please let me know in the comments section! I’ll see you all next Saturday! Stay safe! See you space reader~

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